AKB48 & its Overseas sister groups’ online charity concert "One Love Asia"

AKB48 and its Overseas Sister Groups have decided to participate in the online charity concert "One Love Asia".The performance will be a special collaboration by AKB48 members andother members of the overseas sister groups. Three members from DEL48; Glory, Reyna, and Beanie will be performing.

It will be live on YouTube from 17:30 Hrs. on Wednesday, May 27. Watch it live at

"One Love Asia" is one of the Asia’s largest online charity concert, live for over 4 hours, with artists participating from all over Asia.It will be held by WebTV Asia and YouTube with a message to prevent the Covid19 infection and to convey the heartfelt gratitude to the medical and Healthcare officials who are working nonstop at the frontline.All proceeds from the live stream will be donated to UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund).

"One Love Asia" May 27, 2020 (Wednesday) 17: 30 - Streaming Live on One Love Asia official website.

One Love Asia Official Website: One Love Asia

AKB48 & its Overseas Sister Group members scheduled to perform:

Maho Omori、YuiOguri、MiuShitao、Eri Chiba、Mizuki Yamauchi(AKB48) / Shani、Feni、 Aya (JKT48) /Cherprang、Mobile、Jane (BNK48) / Abby、Coleen、Sheki (MNL48) /Mao WeiJia、Shen Ying、Hu XinYin (AKB48 Team SH) / Anna、Anh Sang、Linh Mai (SGO48) / CHIU PIN-HAN、LIN YU-HSIN、SIN TIK KEI (AKB48 Team TP) / Izurina、Aom、Sita、 (CGM48) / Glory、Reyna、Beanie (DEL48) Artists scheduled to perform: KAREN MOK 莫文蔚 / AKB48 group / G.E.M. 鄧紫棋 / EXILE AKIRA / APINK JUNG EUN-JI / RANZ & NIANA / CIX / NAMEWEE 黃明志 / MORISSETTE / BOY WILLIAM / PEARWAH / INUL DARATISTA / ISMAIL IZZANI / CHRISTIAN BAUTISTA / ZIZI KIRANA / ANDI RIANTO / SAM TSUI / ICE PARIS / BAIM WONG / RICO BLANCO / PRISCILLA ABBY 蔡恩雨 / BALLISTIK BOYZ / CELINE TAM 谭芷昀 / WIMI ZHAO 赵方婧 / DAVIKA HOORNE / SOPHIA HUANG 黄绮珊 / JERYL LEE 李佩玲 / ECLAT / HAOREN 朱浩仁 / JACK NEO 梁智強 / DJ BLINK / DJ PINKO / RADITYA DIKA / MINDSET / HEHAA TV / CHI PU / ERIK / DATG & DUUYEN / DJ NIMBIA / QUANG DANG / CHAU BUI / MARVI MARIA VITÓRIA and many more......